Saturday, October 4, 2008

La-Showndra…..A True Texas Cheerleader, talks about being a Pro-Cheerleader, Hollywood Movies, and running a business.

La-Showndra, a true Texas Cheerleader; was born and raised in Houston. Cheerleading to her is not only her passion but also a sport. La-Showndra is known for a lot of positive things but the most popular thing she is recognized for is being a Texas Cheerleader. Her cheerleading days began in middle school into high school where she was captain of her high school squad. As her high school squad attended NCA summer camps she was recognized by the NCA Staff and was a 3-time winning All-American Cheerleader at the NCA camps and later became an NCA Instructor.

She has become a valued member of the Houston’s Professional NBA, WNBA, and NFL Texas Teams. She is no stranger to the cheer and dance community. She represented Houston on several teams beginning with the Houston Oilers as a Derrick Doll now known as the Tennessee Titians, The 4-time winning Champions WNBA Houston Comets as a Team NRG Dancer, The Houston Rockets as a Power Dancer and represented the NFL as a Houston Texans Cheerleader.

While performing with these teams she has done numerous Walk-A-thons, Parades, and autograph signing. She also received The Minority Achievers Awards in 2002. Besides performing in front of thousands of people she also managed to add film and TV credits to her list of success. Her Film and TV credits include: Spike TV-"10 Things A Guy Should Do"-Lead Cheer Instructor; Nickelodeon-"Nick Cannon Superbowl"-Featured Extra- F.R.B. Productions INC.; MTV-Rock-N-Jock-Superbowl Performer; MTV-TRL-SuperBowl Performer; KTRK/ABC 13-Appearance-Waltons World. Pilot Glory Daze appeared as a “Glory Daze Cheerleader”. The latest film, Friday Night Lights; featuring Billy Bob Thornton, Tim McGraw, and Antwone Fisher’s-Derek Luke. La-Showndra was cast as one of the Dallas Carter High School Cheerleaders; her performance was so outstanding that the director Peter Berg put her over casting and coordinating the cheerleader scenes. “The movie was inspirational to me because we shot the footage in the first stadium I ever performed in. The Houston AstroDome, while performing with the Houston Oilers. It brought back so many memories.”

Although La-Showndra lives a multi-task life she still manage to become an entrepreneur. Besides being a Houston Real Estate Agent. She’s President/CEO of Cheer USA Championships. Cheer USA Championships is an exciting Cheerleading Organization that prides itself on the youth and on providing a place where Competitive cheerleaders and dancers can compete. The events are designed to show young athletes talent at their levels, skills, and ages. Cheer USA Championships is scheduled to host several events in Texas and looking forward to a successful season.

La-Showndra has not given up her dancing shoes just yet. Cheer USA Championships will organize a Promotion Dance Team, to pump up the crowd during intermission at designated Cheer USA Championships Competitions. La-Showndra will not only help with coordinating the routines but will perform with the team as well.

In addition to selling homes and organizing competitive events throughout Texas, La-Showndra is also a wife and mother of 3 girls who are already walking in their moms footsteps. La-Showndra adds, “Cheerleading for me has truly been an Historical One”, while at practice a friend of mine pulled me to the side and said, “Wow, La-Showndra, do you know that no one else can say that they have cheered on almost All of the Houston Texas Professional Teams than you”, I thought to myself, I guess not.

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Cheer USA Championships
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